Things I hear, smell and feel right now…

Soulful melodies softly tantalize the imagination to another place where calm and peace exist.

Ambiance of candle light seducing the surroundings, flickering shadows across the walls, in corners and on the ceiling like the illusion of mirrors all around.

Calmness of a melody hidden within a soft but powerful beat, soothes the soul within, like a heartbeat.

Faint whiffs of floral surrender to earthy and spicy tones twisted amongst melted wax lingering all around.

Cold feet, frozen toes, contradict a warm upper body wrapped up in a flannelette cover covered in hearts.

Memories of ancient times and days gone by, memories of subdued emotions, a sensual touch, times of smiles and tears replaced.

Gentle piano notes move my body effortlessly, swaying delicately, flowy, like a slow flowing stream, meandering softly through the cracks and curbs where ever the water chooses to go.

Michelle Andrew © 30-May-14




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